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April 8, 2013
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Mar 25, 2013, 6:09:16 PM
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My new "permanent" ankle shackles are made from really hard 1/4 inch thick "hardened steel," and 1 and a half inches tall, the other set is 2 inches tall, and they can be beat on without much damage to them, perfect use... They are thick and solid to beat on, you can see some marks and nicks from the hammering and removal process... Yes they are heavy, feel nice... probably about 7 and a half pounds each set Pictures enclosed, and 1 picture is of the rivet in place with a little "mushrooming," holding tight the shackle closed, these rivets are super hard and takes a lot of force to get smashed over, hard to get out, explaination goes as follows. They feel wonderful!!!... Enjoy...

I have put these new ones on several times, what fun it was, and a thrill to remove! I use two sledge hammers to put on, one as a base to rest the closing plate on the shackle on, and the other sledge hammer to pound in the rivet and mushroom it a little over, once that happens; they are "permanently" sealed closed!; and mentally that is a different kind of "feeling." Then the same method to start to remove, and once I got the rivet a little pushed back (only could move so far from the little mushrooming) I use a old railroad spike and hammer to wedge apart! I finish removal with a iron punch. Takes time, and fun to play with on the barefeet, and they look good on the barefeet! Yes it is way more thrilling and exciting and arousing knowing that there are no keys for easy and quick removal! These shackles are meant to be "permanent" for awhile, once put on!

The "rivets" are hardened steel with the little hole in the end that allows it to mushroom over and expand. Very hard steel and not coming out easily... I must say it is fun to put them on by heavy hammering and pounding, the rivets are really hard steel and takes alot to smush them out a little!...the rivets are 3/8ths inch thick! And are made from truck door hinges. There is a little hole through the one end of the rivets, this allows that end to smash over with the hammer a little easier to fit in place. I use the same type hinges for shackle hinge also, just longer, very solid. Chain is also "hardened" steel as well, is not regular chain, and very tough to cut through with hacksaw or anything else, trust me. And each chain link is a 1-1/2 inches long and is 1/4 inch thick on the new set! The other bigger set of shackles has 2 inch really thick chain links, and massive! Kinda too heavy, my second set is a little less heavy and bulky...

For the times when the rivet is really smashed and flattened out, I begin to remove the rivet with that sharp wedge on the iron railroad spike to move the rivet a little back with this hammer, and then I use a power tool with a cutting disk designed for heavy metal to cut the rivet end off. But If not totally smashed out, I usaully can just use the railroad spike, big hammer, and the heavy iron punch to wedge apart and hammer back out the rivet, does take about 20 or so minutes to remove and with some work I also have about 60 rivets. There are about 20 in the picture.

So, you can be sure; when these things are put on, they have no easy escape/removal to get out of them, without the proper heavy tools and such! And maybe some help, if you are a girl. You are definitely "captured" in them, and are a "prisoner." With these put on...

They make real good clinking and clanging sound as well! I know you would like to hear them I am sure, and feel them! Believe it or not, I have worn them around awhile and they are considerably alright to wear long term without pain on the ankles, and they don't rub bad either, you would enjoy for awhile I am sure of it, unless you try to go to fast. These shackles are very good to "live" in for long term! With these new ones put on for several hours and moving about you get minor "red marks," but is just from the weight of the shackle resting on the skin on the bottom side front and back of ankle, like shallow indentations is all, no pain, is just from having them on and walking and doing things for several hours in them! When in chair or bed; no problem with marks! But as I said no pain from wearing for long time, except you do very much know they are there The first set hurt on the tendon in back, and I have made adjustments by taking a file and just rounding off all the edges on the shackle half sections, comfortable now, also the first set was way to heavy. You can see the pictures for reference... Tell me your thoughts..and what you are thinking? Anybody want to try them on?...
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These are awesome! Whoever gets to wear them is lucky!
Yes! I had these made. And they are fun! We had talked before on my last page "Hanstubb," that was discontinued, I miss your comments! I am glad you like these "permanent" ankle shackles I have made. Would you like to try them on? I have hammered these on several times on my ankles, they are wonderful!!! Please get back to me... :-)
I would love to put them on.
Hi, come here and I will pound them on your bare feet with the big sledge hammers and the "rivets!" Did you read the description with the pictures? :-)
Was hoping you would like to try them on... They feel nice ;-)
I already have a permanent set, thank you---No volunteers yet?
Can I ask, in your mind, what do you think of yourself as you are wearing the ankle shackles; a prisoner of some kind, a slavegirl of some kind, or a captured girl in a situation...? Interesting to know your thoughts. Thanks.
Not a prisoner or captive. A slave-wife, I guess. Bound to Him by a diamond ring, and "enforced" by the shackles---both permanent.
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